FAQSAnswers to your concerns

It is our goal to answer any of your concerns about the product and it's use. If you can't find the answer to your question, please submit your question to us using our contact form.
Is it safe? Yes; Agralawn Crabgrass Killer is safe around people, pets and the environment.
How do I use it? It's very easy; just wet the area you want to treat with water and sprinkle the crabgrass control over the area.
How long does it take for the crabgrass to die? Noticeable results will be seen in 3-5 Days.
How big of an area will the bottle treat? One 2 lb. bottle will treat 100-200 sq. ft., depending on the applicator.
Will it kill the seeds? No, it will only kill actively growing crabgrass and weeds.
Will it hurt my grass? Agralawn Crabgrass Killer will not harm St. Augustine, Bermuda or Bahia grasses. Other grasses are being tested throughout the country.
What if it doesn’t work? It will work; just make sure the area is wet enough and evenly treated. It’s very easy to use.
What do you mean “wet enough” and why does it turn yellow? Agralawn Crabgrass Killer turns yellow to let you know it has been fully activated. Water is the source of its activation so enough water is needed to activate the process.
Why do I want it “activated"? Within minutes of activation the product begins to kill the weeds.
How long should I “not disturb” the product after it turns yellow? Leave the area undisturbed for 24 to 48 hours.
What do you mean “undisturbed?" This product is taken in through the weed’s leaves and will not be taken up through the root system. Irrigation, mowing and rain can disturb the product enough so as to reduce the desired results.
What do you mean “evenly treated?” You may think more is better, but piling this product on weeds will only cost you more. A nice, light to medium application is adequate, as long as activation was accomplished.
Can I use it year round? Yes; but applying it to weeds that are already dead or completely dormant would be a waste of product.
Do you have any tips to help me save money on your product? Yes. Remember to completely cover the area you want treated. Try and catch weeds at their smallest stage or simply mow them down to reduce the size and area you have to cover, reducing the amount of product you’ll need. Do not completely remove the weeds as the treatment must be absorbed by the leafy part of the weeds.